Analog Circuits LAB

          Analog Electronics as the name suggests deals mainly with Analog signals. A signal which is having different values at different instants of time is referred to as an analog signal. Analog electronic circuits can be designed and tested for their performance using the tools like PSPICE, Cadence etc. During this Lab course simple analog electronic circuits are designed using discrete components like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, PN junction diodes and Transistors (BJT’s, FET’s, etc.), etc. The circuits are tested and verified for their performance under the laboratory conditions using power sources like DC Power supply, AC sources like function generators. Their input and output parameters like input waveforms, output waveforms, input and output current and voltage readings, the impedance or resistance offered by the circuit, etc are analysed by using measuring instruments like multi meter and CRO/DSO.















     The basic task of the Biomedical engineering consists of finding the adequate solutions for processing and analysing the different types of biological signals. The nature of the real world is analog. The most of the body signals are also analog. During acquisition, they are frequently mixed with noise; that is why each bio signal acquisition system should start with well-designed analog signal processing front-end. The practice of such design is as much art as science. Biomedical engineers have to combine technical knowledge of different disciplines with a great deal of theoretical background, experience and intuition, but they specifically must know the state of the art in the analog biomedical techniques. As a starting point, they need good books where to teach some secrets of development and implementation of up-to-date circuits, modules and devices in the field.



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